Hannes Ottahal is a
multidisciplinary freelance
Art Director and designer

League Models

Two logo marks for an international model management company.

When the former President and Agency Director of Wilhelmina Models Canada asked me to brand her new international modelling agency I was honoured and excited.

The name ‘League’ had been chosen for its simplicity, strong associations and easy pronunciation across most languages.

The identity needed to feel modern, classic, elegant and timeless yet cut through the noise and be unique.

The solution was a word mark developed from a customised typeface to embody the brand attributes with a modern “twist".

Creative Director Hannes Ottahal

ACD/AD/Designer Hannes Ottahal

Model Sheet and Notebook

Change up Hoody for models

iA Summit 2017

A logo and visual system for the world’s foremost gathering of information architects, user experience designers, content strategists.

For 17 years, UX designers, content strategists and other design practitioners have met annually to discuss and evolve structure of content and information environments. 2017 would mark the 17th iA Summit but also the first year in a shift towards destination focused events. We were asked to give the visual identity a refresh to feel as relevant as the event.

The logo, with letterforms reduced down to the basic geometric shapes that Information Architects use to organize and structure information, provides a modern, playful and balanced mark with a natural safe-space around it. The number ’17' is linked to the event in order but also the event-year.

The supporting visual system was inspired by the surrounding nature and weather of the current year's event location.

Several concepts were developed, and while the client chose a different direction in the end, this remains my favorite execution due to it's unique and playful simplicity in a space that is commonly not.

Creative Director Jeremy Burrows

ACD/AD/Designer Hannes Ottahal

Supporting visuals inspired by location and weather during conference dates

Reference illustrations by Burnt Toast


No Tankers / Dogwood Initiative

Texas-based Kinder Morgan has plans to load nearly a million barrels of oil every day onto tankers at Kitimat and sail through trechearous waters to Vancouver’s harbor and beyond.

I originally came up with this idea in 2012 but the technology was not accessible enough at the time. In 2014 with the recent developments of the Oculus Rift goggles the idea became possible.

We used the Oculus Rift and a pair of coin operated tourist binoculars to show unsuspecting passersbys what the reality of an oil spill would look like in context of where you stand.


Creative Director Dre Labre

ACD/AD/Designer Hannes Ottahal

Producer DW

Covered by FastCo Create


To increase dialogue about Dialog, our solution was to build a fully responsive website that gives a voice to Dialog's employees through image sharing. This voice demonstrates Dialog’s leadership in the integrated design space, and becomes a focal point on the website. On any project page, a user can view full screen images shot by a professional photographer, or browse through staff-captured amateur photos.


Creative Director Ian Grais

ACD/AD/Designer Hannes Ottahal

Account Manager/Producer Adam Neilson

The Identity has five primary colours.

A randomizer algorithm delivers new primary colour upon page reload.



I was asked to brand a new Vancouver based film production company founded by two long time veteran executive producers as the authority on northern, outdoor commercial film production. The brand needed to embrace North Kamp's geographical location with a strong tie to it’s natural surroundings for use in a multitude of practical applications.
The result was a mark that mixed Canadian outdoor legacy with northern expedition in a clear, modern and versatile way.

Creative Director Hannes Ottahal

ACD/AD/Designer Hannes Ottahal


Colour exploration


I was asked by Pendo to tell the story of the first non-dairy beverage to originate from veggies. Veggemo does not only taste surprisingly like milk, but is also gluten free, soy free, non GMO, cholesterol free, vegan and kosher. I solved it with a fun, engaging brand introduction into the Veggemo world by combining the package illustrations into one and bringing it to life with animation. The site introduces the product by showcasing it’s health benefits, answering questions and showing you how to use it. All in a streamlined in a clean, light, and easy-to-absorb manner.


Creative Director Don Cleland / Peter Ladd

ACD/AD/Designer Hannes Ottahal

Developers Scorpio Lam / Matt Gomes


A young company with a vision for the future of professional rope access solutions. Through their trained and certified professionals and the best tools and equipment that money can buy, they provide a service that is a safer, more efficient and cheaper than it's competitors. The best way to prove this was through case studies, an identity face lift and a new tagline that ladders up to their "why".

MADE AT HFO Creative

Creative Hannes Ottahal

Copywriter Geoff Vreeken


Playland needed to bring their amusement park to teenagers but how does an amusement park engage kids who mostly amuse themselves online? You bring the park to them through a live, online game show.

The show was interactive and written by our fans where ever they might be. The show's guests had to do everything their fans asked them to do on facebook and twitter.

The six contestant every move was written by over 30,000 people. The show reached over 42,000 people for every hour of game show live stream on facebook. Hot Seat gained enough impressions over 3 days to fill the park 62 times.


Creative Director Ian Grais

Art Director Hannes Ottahal / Dominic Prevost

Copywriter Jordan Cohen / Danielle Haythorne

Producer Laura Rioux

Camera Crew Blink Media

Print ads published in local newspapers. Featured in LÜRZER’S ARCHIVE May 2015


Avigilon is reinventing surveillance by providing the world’s best image quality.

Our first challange was to showcase the superior resolution and technology. Now that the brand is well established in the industry we needed to show how Avigilon understands the challanges of 13 individual market needs and provides solutions through video surveillance and their new Access Control product.

Our solution was to create a fictional city that shows all 13 markets in a fun engaging way where the user can choose to explore how each of Avigilon's products can benefit each industry or jump right into to their specific market or product.


Creative Director Ian Grais

Strategy Darren Yada

ACD/AD/Designer Hannes Ottahal

Project manager Adam Neilson / Stefanie Gajecki


Avigilon is reinventing surveillance by providing the world’s best image quality.

With Avigilon's new site, we wanted to tell a believable story for an unbelievable product. The site needed to showcase their cutting edge technology but provide lots of technical specifications as it is an important tool used for research into their products by prospective clients.

We wanted to build a site that enhanced the experience with the product, showcased the noticable difference in resloution, generated leads, and reflected the ROI potential of the product.

The results speak for themselves. A 43% increase in page views. A 107% increase in time spent on the site. And a 64% increase in pages viewed per visit.  But more important, revenue for the year grew to $100.3 million, an increase of 67% from $60.0 million in 2011.


Creative Director Ian Grais

Strategy Darren Yada

ACD/AD/Designer Hannes Ottahal

Project manager Adam Neilson / Stefanie Gajecki

Custom camera-feature icon set.

Photography Clinton Hussey

Aviglon Access Control - Software UI

Custom ACC software UI icon set.

Save On Food - Darrel's Deals

Darrell Jones has worked his way up from Bag Boy to President in his 37 years at Save-On Foods. Nobody is better qualified to tell you about fresh produce and great deals than him.

Besides the predetermined format of these spots, Save On Foods was celebrating 100 years since opening their first store.

My solution to the writers' script was to open the spot with a throwback to their founding year by building a store set from 1915, complete with interior, merchandise, and Darrel in grocer attire from the era. The shot was desaturated, cropped and made to look like film from the era. Seconds in Darrel walks off the 1915 set and reveals it's inside a 2015 Save-On-Foods store.


Creative Director / Copywriter Matt Bielby

Art Director Hannes Ottahal

Group Account Manager Meghan Hawes

Producer Sarah Vingoe


it's not often you get to work on TV commercials that don't sell a specific product or service but this was one of those opportunities. The client wanted a feel good brand spot for Valetines Day that told a story about finding what you're looking for.


Creative Director Rob Tarry

Art Director Hannes Ottahal

Copywriter Jordan Cohen

Producer Laura Rioux

Animation Studio Laika


Shaw is Western Canada’s largest telecommunications provider and the second largest provider nationally. Currently they offer TV (cable and satellite), Internet and Home Phone service to over 3.3 million customers.

With increased competition from Telus, Shaw needed to promote their Gateway Whole Home PVR. Research indicated that a customer’s decision to buy a new PVR was based on the features.

So we developed a website with simple, easy-to-understand explanations of all of the great advantages of Shaw’s Gateway PVR—including the ability to record six shows at once. We then drove to the site using television, radio, and a social media campaign.

Results were impressive. Average daily sales increased by over 45% and the website saw over 100,000 visits. The social contest was also a big success, with over 27,000 entries and over 380 likes per day.


Creative Director Rob Tarry

ACD/AD/Designer Hannes Ottahal

Project manager Adam Neilson


Verisante is a medical device company that develops innovative systems for the early detection of cancer. The company recently developed its first commercial product entitled Aura – a handheld device that scans for skin cancer in less than a second with the help of laser light skin illumination.

I was tasked with expanding the logo into an identity. I created a sweeping visual derived from light spectrum analysis that I used across multiple collateral pieces to create a contemporary, clinical, trustworthy and choesive look and feel.

Creative Director Donald Cleland

ACD/AD/Designer Hannes Ottahal

Don't Change Much

This is Canadian Men's Health Foundation initiative. Canadians believe they’re a pretty healthy nation. But weirdly, Canadian guys aren’t that healthy. And it’s not because of genetics; it’s a result of lifestyle. Our idea was design an interactive and engaging way that shows how a few small changes through out your daily routine can make you feel better now and down the road. In other words; Change, But don’t change much.

We gave it a contemporary, approachable, content driven and responsive design with an intuitive navigation and a fun conversational tone of voice.


Creative Director Rob Tarry

ACD/AD/Designer Hannes Ottahal

Copywriter Bob Simpson / Rob Tarry

Account Manager Solomon Gauthier

Producer Anna Pellici

Illustration Tom Froese

Misc Logos

Various one-off logos for projects and startups

Creative Director Hannes Ottahal

Designer Hannes Ottahal


2015 Nomination, Webbys - People's Choice for No Tankers Virtual Oil Spill
2015 Bronze, 2014 Facebook Studio Awards for Playland Hot Seat
2013 Winner, Applied Arts - Business to Bussines for Dialog website
2013 Winner, West Coast Social Media Awards - Best Social Workplace for Dialog website
2010 Winner, The One Show for NFB Capturing Reality
2010 Winner, Applied Arts for NFB Capturing Reality
2008 Winner, Applied Arts for Filmgroup.com
2008 Winner, Applied Arts for Steadyhand.com
2008 W3 Silver for Kiwicollection.com
2007 Shortlisted, Cannes Lion for Steadyhand.com
2007 Honouree, Digital Marketing Awards for Steadyhand.com
2007 Design Firms Award Winner for Kiwicollection.com
2007 Astral Awards Gold for Kiwicollection.com
2007 Lotus Merit Award for Film Group
2006 The Web Marketing Association Web Awards for Kiwicollection.com